Wednesday, May 23, 2007

gpa even though i swore i wasn't going to look at my grades for last semester....i did. i'm....slightly disapointed, and slightly encouraged. i thought it was going to be worse, but i know i could have done better. i got 5 b's and 1 a, and i was expecting a C in there somewhere, but i didn't get one. i'm just disapointed that i've slacked off so much. i mean, in 5th grade i got my first B and bawled all day when i saw it. here i am stuck with a 2.9 gpa because of getting so sick last summer and i could have helped it....i could have but i was so damned lazy last semester. its not going to happen any more. i'm putting my foot down. i only have 8 more days i have to go to my history class, and i'll only meet in draping 8 times, and theres my workshop this weekend too that i can help it along. i'll never graduate with honors, i see that now. actually...i don't think i'm going to graduate from columbia. two more years in chicago makes me want to take a flying leap off my balcony because two more years means a whole lifetime in chicago. i need to get out of this damned place

Sunday, May 20, 2007 bike

so something completely unrelated to fashion

i got a bike on saturday. its a good ten years older than me, but its so jacked up looking that i doubt anyone will want to steal it, as was the fate of my last two bikes last summer. i plan on taking some paint markers and other tools from the woodshop to it. of course i made the mistake yesterday of riding a good ten miles without sunscreen or water and was completely exhausted today.

my only problem is how the hell am i going to ride my bike to school and still cary my gigantic patternmaking portfolio and/or garment bags

Thursday, May 17, 2007


ok have i mentioned i'm miserable at keeping commitments of things like this? i try writing a novel every winter/spring/summer break i get and always forget about it. I started this blog a year ago and forgot about it by august, so hopefully now that i have some decent work, i'll keep it updated.

so a little about what's recent about me:
i got one garment into fashion columbia. i was pretty excited considering i was a sophomore and i hand knit the whole freakin thing.
that being said, i finished out my sophomore year alright. i still don't know what's the deal with transferring in a year, but i'm sort of not really putting any thought into it. i definitely want to work more with knitting...if i don't kill my poor hands first.

so, onto the pics of the stuff i've done lately

so here's my dress that got in the show. my dad's a dork and only got the back of the dress. but its from vogue knitting from.....i wanna say last fall. i did it with cashmere/merino wool yarn for the black and purple and then metalic yarn for the gold. all in all the simple cost of materials for this was over $200 but is super soft and lovely. the gold was just miserable to work with. i'm glad i didn't use copper colored yarn like they called for in VK. hopefully i'll get a pic of the front of the dress soon
and here's me at the end of the show. just thought i'd throw it up there since i made the dress. its this really cute silk chiffon i bought in london. i'm kinda pissed at how many fabric stores they have in london and i've got to go to evanston to get any sort of assortment. i mean i still love vogue fabrics, but it has nothing on the shops on goldhawk roadand here's the other dress i submitted to the show. its nothing great or anything, but it fits me just lovely. the fabric is so soft and i feel so graceful in it. its all made out of more fabric i bought in london. i'm almost out of all of it so that just means i'll have to go back.

so what am i working on now? i'm working on a slightly altered version of Belle epoch from knitty out of a rayon yarn which has been interesting if not tedious. i'm starting to experment with weaving into my sewing. hopefully i'lll have a pic of the halter dress i've been working on up within the next few days. i'm starting my draping class on thursday so that'll probably mean a whole bunch of stuff to come. oh yeah, and i have this large cone of cotton thread i swiped off of ian (thanks!) that i've got a tedious idea for. i have no patience for things yet i love the ones that take the most time