Thursday, January 31, 2008

painting on the zebra stripes

So i must say that i have the schedule this semester of....a normal adult. I get up at 6:45ish, go to the gym or sleep in till 7 and just take a shower, watch the news and get ready for the day, then go to school/work until 5ish and then hit the local bar with coworkers. It struck me at some point on tuesday. maybe its because i made a tailored suit last semester. or maybe its because i'd love to just throw it all out the window in an instant and take with me only what i could drag and check at ohare.

i saw the crazy one on the way out to have a smoke the other day. there was a long jaw dropped pause as i walked by, followed by a mumble about chopping hair. that was a good cigarette.

my skinny jeans fit yesterday. i was elated. they got new food in the hokin cafe, its all yuppie healthy, but it makes me feel good. well so do a few trendy beers, and its about the same price. i've been experimenting in new tea flavors in the morning after 2.5 years of english breakfast.

i got my hands on some vintage patterns as of late, with more coming in the mail soon (i need to have something in the mail other than 7 [yes i got 7 in one day i'm serious] credit card applications). i'm really quite interested in the way the patterns were put together back then. the ingenuity of some of the most simple garments simply blows my mind. of course i started with the hardest and worked my way backwards.

I started my hat making course the other day, and its probably the one i'm most exicted about, although my printing and dying teacher seemed like she was going to have a touchy feely aneurism when she found out i'm both in her class and the TA for her fundamentals of textiles course. Our first project will be soft hats, as in no buckram or felting, but straight fabric sewn together. most of the designs i came up with were loose and gauzy turbans. i found some acid green knit wool today at Vogue fabrics that would be perfect.

I've also decided that raw edges= great for students. i made a jacket in all of 45 minutes. take that project runway. of course it wasn't my pattern, but i did alter it quite a bit. and i made a belt. i'm wearing it tomorrow in a sort of victorian equestiran meets the freak i was at 17 affair. if it wasn't going to snow 18" tonight i'd wear it with heels but i nearly landed face down on Polk St tonight, so time to bust out the steel toe knee high boots.

Friday, January 25, 2008


so there's owls living in the playground for the school in dearborn park II. they were really puffy because it was so cold.

in other news, i've been working from a whole bunch of vintage patterns that i got my hands on, which is totally awesome. they all have raglan sleeves, and just the construction has been really interesting. i got my hands on a couture pattern from the 30's that i spent a lot of time on.

i finished my first pair of socksthey're regia 6ply. i tried to make the stripes match up and they didn't, so when i gave up on that, they suddenly matched up. but now i understand why soooooooo many knitters make socks. its really rewarding to finish an actual garment in just a few days. i've already figured out what i'm doing for my next pair.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


i know i haven't had the time to put up my stuff on here and all that jazz, but.....

norah gaughan commented on my stuff on ravelry! omg! even if i don't get into central saint martins, this is totally worth having Zoe take all those pictures. i think the only way that could get any better would be like if alexander mcqueen gave me an internship. that certainly brightened up my day considering i've spent the whole day sitting on my couch having jacked up my knee....somehow. it hasn't hurt this bad in years