Saturday, July 26, 2008

anybody got a job for me?

ta da...... i rode all the way to skokie on tuesday. i found the elusive North Branch Trail, which i had not been able to find for several years.

so i rode to skokie after having been hit by a car saturday night, which probably wasn't the best idea. i collapsed on wednesday, got to go see some more doctors. i got a concussion, which sucks....i think today is the first day i didn't wake up with a splitting headache and an overwhelming feeling of depression. sucks what one smack to the head will do to your brain chemistry. i forgot a lot of things, like i told the same story like 10 times till the point my family wanted to crack me on the head again. it also sucks that the dude who blew the red light and hit me totally drove off without a care. and that some people are being some real C yoU Next TuesdayS about the whole thing. at least i know who my friends are now
so hey look i clean up pretty well. i went to boystown a few weeks ago and put on heels for the first time in months. not that that's a bad thing, i''ve just been biking so much that i haven't really had an opportunity to wear heels

oh and on another note, all the TA's in the fashion department basically got fired for the rest of the summer. like i still have a job come fall, but for 6 weeks i am out of one. no warning, just dumped on me, especially when i was about ready to faint from the concussion. and i'm not going to be able to do this dog walking thing forever so IF ANYONE KNOWS A DECENT JOB, I AM MORE THAN WILLING TO TAKE IT. please, i need to get through senior thesis!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

infected by the hipster disease

so here's the jacket i'm working on for the dude in product design. its just the shell so far. its chillin in a dye bath over the weekend at school.

and this was a cop convention that chad and i saw when we were at the bob inn a few days ago. there were like 30 cops. and chad's sideboob. and the heron we saw on our bike ride. the chicago nature museum up by the lincoln park zoo looks like a bond villan's lair.

so i went to village discount outlet today. O M G. check out that spread! i got 5 tshirts, one tank top, a pair of shorts, a pair of shoes, an old lady track jacket, a silk handkerchief, and a pair of ralph lauren jeans that had $2 in the pocket. all of that was only $20. SCORE! and all the stuff i picked up is soooo hipster its scary. living in wicker park has finally gotten to me. and i've accepted it. and those jeans look fucking amazing on me!

so i made my first purse this week for brett's leather working class. its pretty cute. everyone thought i was just putting a new lining in an old purse and i was like, hell no! there's some stuff that didn't work out but i'd have to say for a first attempt, i'm rather pleased. plus its lined in charmuse for secret sexy awesomeness

Thursday, July 17, 2008

a little bitter

so apparantly i'm being called a copycat and that i can't design anything despite some people having their heads shoved up you know where so far that they might have discovered a new process of digesting. and i will definitely admit that i'm a bit bitter about it. I'll get over it, but i'm still nursing the wound, especially where it came from. if anything, its making me give the finger to people even more and work harder and harder to prove them wrong. so instead of one 3 outfit collection by the end of summer, i'm going to make two by august 18th. i'd like to see anybody else try to copy me.

ok it doesn't help that i'm still sick over a week after i got a cold and i'm totally pms-y

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

getting fixed next week

so on completely unrelated, yet equally important to me, news, i'm going fixie next week. that's right, the girl who would spend 100 hours sewing some avant guarde piece, is just as passionate about cycling as she is about the art of fashion design. so having been riding my road bike since march, and usually clocking 130-150 miles a week, i'm switching to fixed gear at the end of next week. I have spent much time scouring the internet, finding favorites and, getting excited to make the change. i'm going to get new velocity wheels, probably in seafoam. i now want to spend the next 6 months trying to train to compete in the Tour da Chicago. i sat on youtube the past few days watching the most insane videos of this year's stairmaster stage and nearly shit my pants. so trackstands, wheelies, and skids (all in dresses!) here i come!

Friday, July 04, 2008

done with the vespula collection

ugh, i'm finally done! this is my Vespula collection for Spring/Summer 09 couture. it is ALL HANDSEWN. everything. by hand. with one needle. one cone of thread. all of the materials were fabric and clothes that i owned already. it was definitely a very personal collection considering the time and devotion that i spent on it. i can look back and pick out the pieces of fabric and have stories about where it came from and what i was doing and so forth.

so what's next? i have to work on a jacket commission for a product design instructor that will be on display at Columbia's A+D gallery at 619 S wabash starting in august. After i get that done, i'm going to spend the rest of the summer putting together a small pre-fall collection, The Victorian Cosmonaut, which i'll hopefully take over to Habit in august and get some stuff sold.
I'll probably pick up some more dogwalking hours since the $$$ i'm making this weekend is enough for a new tattoo and my ticket to Lollapalooza. and if i can sell at Habit, then i'll really be making bank. I need to save some since i'm graduating in like 10 MONTHS. OOOOOH SCARY.
Oh so yeah all these photos will be bound into one of those iphoto books. considering i have like $70 to spend for it, i'll probably have like 5 printed and keep those in my portfolio. well....grad school here i come!