Monday, April 21, 2008

and i find out if any of this shit got accepted to fashion columbia as soon as i get my sunburnt ass out of the house

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008


so its 1:30am ...ish....and i have been working on teh shit for fashion columbia submissions since 7am yesterday and they are due at 8:30am tomorrow. freaking out?


but in my infinite dicking around and or procrastination and or ADD moment with some skittles (dude these things taste like shit at this hour), i have discovered that Simplicity makes Project Runway patterns. not the designers' works mind you. just liscensing bs.


also on that line of thought, ew to PR going to lifetime network. i'm glad i didn't audition because how lame would that be? i mean i have a total butch look goin on right now, like no one under 50 watches that channel. bravo finally got straight people to watch their channel and they really bombed on this one....

oh well, RIP project runway, we barely new yee

Sunday, April 13, 2008



that was my week, ending with 20 hours of halucinating.


also, why do tattoos, years old, itch? i feel like a crack addict sometimes randomnly itching....

sharon, the awesome, got me a hat block.

i've also gotten rid (well jsut pushed to the back of my closet) of all my skirts, dresses, and heels. yes yes i'll look like a dyke but at this point i've become completely apathetic as to the point of trying to get a guy or girl. the only one who loves me is my bike and we'll be together all summer. i told my boss that she'll know i've lost it when she finds me under one of the cutting tables groping a manequin and being jealous of another manequin in the next room a la I Am Legend.

yes, that's me in my prom dress.
thats right, pink pleather.

why they didn't see something was wrong with me then....

Monday, April 07, 2008

dramapalooza to the point of migrains and other pains

yes, i realize its been a month. i never made any promises that i'd be perfect. that and i have a migraine right now. despite the double shot of tylenol i took. its probably not helping that i'm blasting portishead right now. or was lighting things on fire in my apartment earlier and everything smells weird now. but...a month in review i suppose

on a personal level, my life has been fucked. i can't find a more polite word or better way to put it. it has sucked and its given me this lovely migraine and other people ulcers and other people other things and it just sucks. i think things are getting better, but i can only hope

on the accademic level.....i have my CFDA scholarship due in like 13 hours and i'm nowhere near done. i should be doing it right now, but my head is swimming so i took a break for the moment. i didn't try out for project runway for two reasons: one, virginia would have killed me if i skipped her class again, and two, i knew they weren't going to accept a student.

i have been sewing a lot. the fashion columbia submissions are due next week and i'm just pouring my heart and soul into everything. it helps me ignore all the failures and nuclear explosions going on around me. one of the teachers who i TA for saw me working on a dress and told me "that's so you". i wanted to storm up to him and demand to know what made it be mine, because i sure as hell don't know what my own style is. my millinery teacher wanted me to write an artist's statement and it came out absolutely seething and self depricating. i go through moments where i feel as though i'll end up working at borders or whole foods when i graduate, and then i jump to the feeling that in 13 months i'll be packing my bags for europe to become the bright young thing of fashion design. (on a side note the tynenol [not only am i aware i spelled that wrong, i'm going to type all of this rather than fix it] is kicking in)

i've been thinking about my senior thesis and all that entails and i have most of what i want to do figured out. john always tells me to "keep it sleazy" and it'll have something to do with that. but as a way of keeping myself preoccupied this summer, i'm going to make a pre-senior thesis and make a 5 outfit collection for spring 09, and have my senior thesis be fall 09. i'm going to start sketching it next week and probably start draping in the next few weeks, maybe get some muslins put together for the last of the model fittings before the semester ends. vogue is having a warehouse sale mid may, so i'll buy my fabric then. my color scheme for it will be flat black, powder (that word seems to be spelled really funny) blue, and canary yellow. i'm going to call the collection "vespula" after the genus or whatever that wasps belong to. it has to do with my bike colors.

speaking of my bike....
yes that's me riding around on the fashion design floor

i rode 17.5 miles yesterday in 75 minutes. i also went across the bridge on roosevelt in the street on saturday.

well then this is my "wearable art" project from theory apractice. its based on "the dog" by goya, as i talked about a while back. i finished it a while ago, but just haven't gotten around to putting up the picks. i finished the second project in theory and practice as well but i need to take photos of it still. i kept the pattern for it, which was definitely a stretch of my skillz with the flat patterns in that i eliminated all darts and turned it into kimono sleeves with a surplice bodice. it was crazy and i made the pattern in like an hour. and then i hand dyed all the fabric.

well then there's this goofy thing. its one piece of fabric. the final finished garment has 2 buttons and three seams. so i'm calling it my 3-2-1 dress. it was an interesting and challenging experimentation in geometery and fashion, taking something from the 2D plane and pulling it up into the 3D. i could babble on about math and all that, but honestly the only person who would get it would be my ex and he could easy beat down my work into a pitiful mess if i tried to take him on in that realm.

ok and that lump right there isn't really part of the garment. i just shoved some muslin in there because it was really funny how there was this random bump on the side that i later fixed.


i have to take photos of shtuff for fashion columbia submissions, so i'll get my photos up here so all 2 people who read this might see it. maybe i'll scan in my ideas for vespula as well. the new portishead album, if you have a chance to listen to it, is very much the mood of my two collections i'll be taking on in the next 8 months