Monday, February 02, 2009

the ferral abyss

here's the creature in its natural environment, hipster art parties.

that's not to say that i've been partying. quite the opposite. I think this weekend was the first time i went out since like new years. I went over to the BC/AD show at Tandem, then the whole gang went to Dustin's bday show at BarbaraandBarabara. Good times, and good people.

so guess what i have been working on? yeup, that's right, thesis! I have to have it all done by feb 21st for my fashion styling class. EEP. especially now that i'm working on the knits part, i don't have enough roving, so I need to get my butt all the way out to Margengo in the next week or so. Definitely not a bike-able distance.

I trashed the kitchen with colored things while fred was out.

these dyes are fantastic. they do both silk and wool at the same time, which has definitely saved me money and time. it looks like sea salts when you open the jar up. my only problem was that the black reacted funny to my silk charmuse and now i have these orange spots on my linings. oh well, make it work.

as for what else i have going on, been busy busy busy. Its rare that i have more than 10 minutes to do nothing (hence why i've been gone for a while). We're in the last leg of winter and i'm pullin through for sure. the more days we have in the 30's, the easier it is to hop on the pony and ride. I've got a bunch of shows this weekend (and hopefully i'll be lining up a show of my own soon!) so i'll be riding about to those. and that saturday morning photo class. this past week i thought it might be a bad idea, but i sat through the class and realized it may be the best class i ever take in college.

and its still sinking in that in 14 weeks i will GRADUATE. defintely stickin around for a while here, but things are sorta fallin into place to stay here. It was reluctantly at first that i made the decision to stay, but now i'm glad i made the choice.

ugh, ok so what to do after thesis is done? another collection of course. I'm going to do menswear to go with my thesis, and fred's gonna model it for me. i totally want to have my dad's beautiful yellow lab in the photos for some reason. menswear can be so boring sometimes. and after that? another collection, this time unisex cycling/urban clothing. and after that? another collection. Hopefully me and alister will be doing a show sometime soon, we gotta talk it out with eman on thursday at his show, but i've become consumed with the architecture of bridges on goose island as of late. as the snow melts on my runs, the rust patterns on the metal is leeching into the ice and I've got a bolt of this wool voile that would make a perfect mini-spring collection. and i'd like to do several hats that are more art pieces to expand upon the idea. and all of that could be my final photo set for my styling class.

and did i mention on top of this that i'm planning the school fashion show? and i'm in a super intesnse history class as well?


yeah, i need to sell some stuff, but there's some drama around that with a certain store in pilsen. grrrrr....more on that later