Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i swear i'm not dead.....

seriously....i have comitment issues.....amongst other things. had a bit of a medical scare that's not exactly over with but I had an insane last week of school which involved my evil twin coming to visit after the fashion show, then i moved in a sanford in son style crazy move from the south loop to wicker park. then i spent a large chunk of last week in the hospital being poked and prodded, worked at school, and still haven't unpacked. that's just because of my sheer stubornness. ugh....what else.....well i can't find the media card reader so i cant really upload any of the photos i have of me with my stuff at the one year aniversary party for Lumen out in the fulton market, or my shit on the runway at fashion columbia, or my crazy ass new apartment, or my wacky ass hair cut. uh.....well, since text is boring i won't ramble. i started a second job tonight, dog walking for Paws-N-Effect, which i'm super excited about. I'm going to be the ass with a camera for the next two months taking DIGITAL FOTOGRAPHY FOR NON MAJORS.....god....i really see photography as a nessecary evil i must deal with, but i really would rather leave it to the people who know what they're doing. that's why there's fashion photographers and fashion designers. so i have my leather working class tomorrow. oh, in my photo class between the notes on shutter speed and aperture and ISO and all that gibberish i sketched out most of my senior thesis. i want all my collections to tell a story. my current one i'm making is the representation of italio calvino's Invisible cities, and the story is that the collection is for a member of the post apocalyptic bourgeois who turns leftist radical terrorist. yeah....and senior thesis is for the android assistant of a scandanavian evil scientist. and if i have time in the after summer school before fall semester break, i want to do a marketable one so i can head over to habit on division (I love living in wicker park! so much to do!) and try to sell it. and that one will be for a victorian cosmonaut. lots of overdone princess seams and metallics.

also, i was on the teevee! scroll down just a bit between blue man group and the joffery ballet and its the whole thing about fashion columbia. check me and chad out! and my bad ass haircut which i just cut even shorter today since i've been wearing my helmet when riding to and from every place.....i've been keeping track of how much i ride and its already like 60 miles this week, since sunday....

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

in the fears of thunderstorms, if not just the rain

well i got this finished after dicking around with it for a week. as usual, it ended up completely different from my original sketch, which slightly concerns me for the collection i plan on doing during the summer because these things tend to get away from me and get overly complicated. and that collection is already complicated and complex. but as for this dress, its completely handsewn. no machine so much as batted an eye at any of this fabric. the green is wool jersey and the black is a little bit of that organic bamboo jersey that i'm in love with that i had leftover from making leggings. the dress has 4 completely different views. its something along the lines of showing someone your best side, depending on the wearer or the mood of the person, a different side could highlight different aspects of a physique or personality. the front is fairly plain and simple, the side with the ruffles can be pulled up to hide the face, the back is a conflict of interests, and the other side is a long cape like extension that opens up and trails behind the body with movement.

Monday, May 05, 2008

busy busy busy

so its the end of the school year, and just when everything gets crazy, i get sick. granted it was worth it, but a week and a half later i'm dragging. dad brought boxes over yesterday and i started packing already. i'm really excited to move to wicker park, i think it will be very condusive to my creative process. river shitty *ahem* city is really getting on my nerves as i have 10 days to go till i get the keys. yes i will miss the fact that when its a -10 windchill in february i won't be able to walk 4 blocks to school, but i definitely will apriciate a wall and a door being between my sleeping space and my kitchen and trash can. i'm itching to start on my summer collection in the studio space that's bigger than my entire appartment right now. i look forward to sitting out on the porch on those hazy july nights with a beer in hand and a book in the other. i look forward to just being able to get out and about and have things to do. last summer i spent my time like rapunzel sitting on my balcony watching the world but not interacting with it. i sat around waiting for my prince charming to come to me. that may be the case this summer as well as that boy frustrates me to no end, but that'll take a back seat to riding my bike around. i don't know how i'll faire in a neighborhood, i've never really lived in a neighborhood. i lived on a farm for 15 years, then was transplanted to a stepford wives subdivision when i was a little goth girl and stayed inside, and then i ran away to tall glass and cement towers where people refused to look each other in the eye. i've never really known what its like to have neighbors. apparently some cute guys from the art institute will be sharing my porch with me. what i'm not looking forward to is the hike it'll be in the winter to get to school, although carli has promised car rides in exchange for making her go to school. i am looking forward to being a skinny thing by the end of the summer from all the bike riding i'll be doing. i'm also not looking forward to what a pain its going to be to get to vogue fabrics, or textile outlet. i suppose that'll cut me back on that

ok, i really need to get to homework and more packing. i'm amazed at the ammount of crap i've accumulated in 2 years