Monday, September 29, 2008


That's right, i turned 22 and it was fantastic. didn't get too drunk, gave myself a real nice present on friday, and then randomly got free tickets to a show yesterday at the metro. i had a great party, and oh yeah i now have a roommate. the hermitage household is gonna be some sitcom shenanigans as soon as we get all this crap organized.

well my neck and back are killing me right now so i'll be brief but go to here to check out my stuff on display. you can even buy somethin (PLEAZE I NEED MONEYS)! I'll be there this saturday so come stop by and heckle me as i try to wear seafoam. And on sunday i'll find out if i get accepted to the second stage of the chicago fashion foundation's anual scholarship. also hopefully by then i'll have my living arrangements better sorted out so i'm not having to go through a minefield of new and exciting stuff which i am trying not to snoop around in to get to my computer

Sunday, September 14, 2008

a series of interesting events; or how i got hit by a car again

yeup, that's right, i got hit by a car. again. i'm really getting sick of it. i'm sick of telling the story since i've told it a million times but basically i'm going to have a decent scar on my left leg. i guess it will balance out the one on my right knee. So RIP Trek Soho S, i barely knew you. i did put over 2000 miles on it in less than 6 months, and for a girl who used to be super girly and frilly 6 months ago, you can certainly see the change. Well so i went and got a hipster doodad, which has actually gotten me some attention. its a 1993 seven21 Miyata, and i switched it from a 10 speed to a fixed gear. its a lot lighter and less clunky than the soho was. oh and i went and got a sweet tattoo after my first accident. i've basically decided my left arm is going to have a full sleeve

ok so i said i was making a collection this summer, and i pretty much did it all in the first week of school since i got really sidetracked by a lot of things. i had this big epiphany about my life about a month or so ago. i was really going down this path of depression and self destruction, not so much with like drugs or anything since i'm not into that, but more so just emotional ruin. i was being a real pain in the you know what to all of my friends. i was basing my self worth over the way people reacted to me and how attracted they were to me and i was just getting more and more angry. it wasn't a good thing. and my work suffered. but basically i realized that what someone once told me who i blew it off at the time, but i can see now that he was right, was that i can't be in a relationship since i'm already in one with my work. i'd be cheating on both parties if i tried to love them both. so i've been really happy as of late. i know that i have a mental issue where i will get depressed but i know what it is and i know i can beat it now. i'm finally happy with myself. like i'm not shitting rainbows or anything but i'm just confident and i think that people see that. i litterally was walking down the street the other day to go "see who i hang with" at neiman marcus and people were stopping me and telling me i was beautiful, and it wasn't like i was super done up or anything. i get handed phone numbers now. its bizarre. i was at the andrew bird concert at millenuim park two weeks ago and seriously like 5 chicks were hitting on me at once. and i'm flattered but i don't let it go to my head because i'm just happy being all grungy and sweaty from bike riding and then i get home and sew.

speaking of sewing, which was what this blog is supposed to be about, my cathardic writing is usually for myspace, i threw together a 5 look collection in about 40 hours of work. thesis can now offically suck my dick. i call it "futuro anarchy". dennis was talking on the first day in thesis about silhouettes in womenswear and when he asked what the silhouette is for this era, i said "its a clusterfuck!" he laughed and said "today's womenswear silhouette is the anarchy of self expression." and i've been kind of thinking that in the next 5-10 years fashion will come back to having a silhouette. i'd like to think it will have a lot to do with the climate crisis and how that is changing our living habits. so my story is that this is the outfit of women in 2013. she lives in a major city and she walks to her job. she's conscious of what she eats and where it comes from and how she needs to stay healthy because she saw what all that processed foods did to her parents' health, so she's slim but not skinny, more toned if anything. i see the color schemes being skewwed in the future as old conventions need to be thrown out, which was where the seafoam color came into play. orriginally the designs were going to be darker grey and navy but when i was at fishmans buying the jersey, those three colors came to me. its a microfiber jersey, and it feels light as air. but that's not always flattering to the figure so all the items except for the body of the leggings are built on top of a power mesh understructure. this means that its slimming, like wearing a body shaper but its part of the dress. its snug but there's still room to move around. and all the white fabric is an organic bamboo voile, which was interesting to work with. i'm definitely going to get good photos taken when i take that photo styling class in the spring. i think that the clothes lend themselves to an interesting photoshoot.

i made it all for chicago fashion week and in about 12 hours i'm going to find out if any of it got accepted. the construction on the inside was a little shoddy since i sewed it so fast. but i still have a 5 look collection put together, so that'll be just fine for when i need something in the next 5 months or so to throw on some models. plus the color scheme is really catching, so i think that might set me apart from some people.