Monday, December 15, 2008

less than 100 days till spring

ok its less than 100 days till spring. less than 70 days till the DTV conversion in chicago (not like i really care). less than 60 days left in my winter break. less than 50 days till obama becomes president. so what am i sayin? that soon it will be time for this:
i can't wait to put away the wool socks, the multiple layers of gloves, the knee high boots, and the thick coats. most of all, i can't wait to not be blown half off the cortland street bridge as i ride back from watching that crazy 3 story tall metal bucket pouring thing in that industrial park. or maybe i just can't wait to have a cycling tan again. its almost gone! arg.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

oh god finally done!

oh holy crap, i finished the semester! and all my muslins fit perfectly. it was freakin great!
bear in mind that this is not my color scheme at all

Here's 3 of my 6 looks (i didn't have time to fit on the other outfits and dennis told me that my fit was fine enough that he was confident that it'd be fine) with the coats and jackets

this is my sweaterdress and leggings. you can't really see the seaming on the leggings but there's a double layer on the inside of the legs through the ass in the back (ideally i'll have enough fabric left over when its all said and done for riding in the spring[less than 100 days!])
this is my sweatervest with the leather skirt. there will be a long sleeved chiffon blouse that will go underneath it.

this is my top with leather pants. again you can't see the seaming but the top will be out of melton wool and chiffon and the pants will be black leather

here's lenny dickin around with another classmate's muslin. he also drunk dialed me asking about plain weaves last night at 5am. awesome

my boss gave me an xmas present (a freakin sweet candle that makes my room not smell like a dirty fixie and sweaty shoes) and the bottom of the bag was full of candy that i gave to fred.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

seriously almost there....

last minute millinery work.....


and these would be a fraction of the cats that i had to care for over thanksgiving break. it was more bs than i'd like to go into....

Sunday, December 07, 2008

almost there.....

Just 3 more days and i'll be done with my last fall semester in college. .....spooky. i'm actually not stressed out for once. probably because i failed italian a while ago, and pattern grading was for only half the semester. and aside from a few zippers needing to be put in, i'm pretty much done with the muslins for my thesis. i think the one thing that's stressin me out the most is that my ROyal College of Art application has to be in by january 19th. eep. so i'm going to be on a hat making spree until then.

Ok i thought this was the cutest pic on earth. I helped out a friend for a grant project over the summer. Its called Alphabet soup and everyone made one plush letter. I got the letter A, which you can see is the 3rd letter from the left. All the letters were put in a kiddie pool covered in faux fur with a big vinyl spoon to play with. for the instalation at school, there were drawings that James did of all the letters that each sewer got to keep (i still gotta go get mine). So after the weisman instalation at school, James donated it to a school in the south loop, and this was the picture he took of the kids with the letters. I was really glad to be a part of the project

this was a photo that my roomate took early in november. no staging or anything. i nearly wet myself when i saw this for the first time laughin so hard

and as far as biking goes, ITS EFFFING COLD OUTSIDE! i rode home last night from UIC when lee and i got dinner and i didn't know if i was going to make it. also, i quit smoking. i thought i was having an asthma attack last night

here's lee in his bike room putting on my new pedals. he's so sweet, he does all my bike matinence
and here's my bike with my new pedals and toe clips. ridiculously cute. the clips are great because i've been wearing boots as of late for riding and they keep my feet from slip slidin all over the place