Monday, March 16, 2009

shorty shorts with tights is my new uniform

Well I finished my thesis. And promptly the next week I got the flu and was dead to the world for like 2 weeks. Despite a whole week of on a diet of cigarettes, coffee, and no sleep, I completed everything and our photo shoot turned out spectacularly.

So yeah, this has been my baby for the past....uh.....Well I guess I sketched this up in the beginning of June during my digital photo class. It doesn't look too much like the early sketches, but I am happy with it. There is also a gown that was the bane of my existence for about a month, but we shot that in the second shoot which was this past saturday. Hopefully I can get my hands on the unedited photos this week and then I won't have the photos with the post work done until April. We shot all of my menswear in that shoot, which Fred graciously modeled for me, and everything came out perfect. I was telling him that sitting back and watching these shoots makes me feel like a mom sending her kid off to the first day of kindergarten.

So what's next? I have to have 2 collections done by April 11th (that weekend has become an apocalypse of sorts for me). One will be unisex urban cycling wear, which will be for my 3rd shoot in fashion styling. I'm going to base it off of the evolutionary path of the Proboscidea order, which is all the screwed up looking ancestors of modern day elephants. Possibly throw in my fav in the mix, megaloceros. But the second collection will be for the Hand&Lock competition this summer, but I also have to have it done by april 13th(awww my lil' bro's 18th bday) in order to enter for the Driehouse competition. So while I thought I was going to have a nice spring break of riding my bike and getting a tan and drinking some pbr, I will be spending it furiously sewing and embroidering.

Speaking of biking, Emelia died a bit ago. A winter of hard riding when she already wasn't the best suit ran her into the ground. I got a new bike, a Mercier Kilo TT Pro, which I named Barneby H Scotte. When I've got some cash, I'm going to have him powder coated, because the french grey he's got going right now isn't doing it for me. The weather is warming up and getting spectacular. Tomorrow is supposed to be 70 degrees, the first time we've seen that temp since Obama got elected. Needless to say I'm excited for the vitamin D boost.

Oh and the Andersonville Galleria opened after construction. I dropped off 7 of my hats there Saturday, so go check out my work and buy some stuff. I try to use all repurposed materials to keep the price down, since in this economy nobody wants to shell out $150 for a hat, but at $60 its a much better sale, and people feel good about recycling.