Sunday, October 26, 2008


So this is my recent installation and crystal being dicks to fred and covering his room in AA ads

ugh this one took like 30 hours to make!

i've gotten into this thing with waves as of best selling designs have these waves and pleats going on

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 09, 2008

this is my favorite photo of my work i've ever seen so far

seriously when i finished this collection, the styling i imagined for it would have a black model. i don't mean that in any offensive way, i just thought that the color scheme would look better on a darker skin tone.

and i'm ecstatic about this one

holy fucking shit batman, its mother fucking midterms


where did the semester go? we just ended week 6, out of 15. these marathons of work are exhausting, particularly this week mostly because comcast sucks and won't come to setup my computer and tv in my room till monday. soooooo i didn't make it through to the finals of chicago fashion focus but i really wasn't too concerned about that. i had other stuff to focus on. uh.....well columbia stole the show at Dress Code for chicago fashion week, and i'd like to think it was a preview of what the senior show will be like in the spring. take that art institute!

uh so on my birthday there was a show that some of my stuff was in. i wasn't able to attend since it was my birthday party, but thankfully one of the seniors was gracious enough to take a few of my garments to be shown. i just yanked the photos off of facebook, and the clothes aren't exactly worn how i intended, but i guess its fair to let other people style my stuff.....comes up with some interesting results

well i decided to make my self a fall coat for bike riding. i don't have any pictures of that, but i do have photos of me in the old lady persian lamb jacket i took apart to trim my coat. i ended up taking the sleeves down to tshirt length and taking off the mink collar to make a hat and putting a ruffle for a collar in. see, recycling at work