Tuesday, July 31, 2007

so i finished sewing my first corset....and its super cute.....i've definitely learned a lot about my sewing skills and patience from all of this. its by no means perfect and i'm sure in a few years i'll look at it and laugh just like i laughed when i found a dress i made when i was 17. it doesn't really reduce my waist at all, which never really was a concern of mine because i already have a bitty waist, it was more about keeping my boobs in place....which it sort of does....that's the part i need to work on better, and i need to make it be tighter in the hips. it certainly is tight on my ribs....and i can see why some corsets go up in the back to cover up the pudge that appears.....i think if i loose some more weight, i should be alright . although i avoided using a busk on this thing, i realize that i do need one as its a bitch to get in and out of without pulling the laces out. now i'md just curious to see if the "corset diet" dustin described works....

Friday, July 27, 2007


so, somehow i managed to get commissioned to make a wedding dress for a girl i knew back in gradeschool. i was flattered that she chose me to make it, but then this sort of came at a weird time. i've been going through some serious funk lately, so to suddely have this girl who i knew back when pogs were cool get married, it kinda weirded me out. i mean, we're barely 21, it just strikes me as weird for her to be the first of the 30 or so of us that went to gradeschool together to get married. plus it also kinda felt like a nah nah i'm getting married and you're writhing on the floor in confusion. but i can get over that....i started smoking for no good reason and i'm beginning to think i'm getting addicted....but never fear i can always hop on the metra and "visit" my family and go to the gas station and grab a whole bunch of cheap cigarettes.

but yes, back to the dress. so i was looking at wedding dresses online, and i think i need to go into bridal design because this is a total rippoff. i mean, $3000 for a dress you will wear ONCE. psssht i sit around in my junior prom dress that i shelled out $300 for and use it as pajamas (yes, i'm crazy, i'm well aware of it). i mean, considering it sounds like she just wants an A line strapless princess dress, i shouldn't charge her that much, plus she probably will want like taffeta or satin (*puke*) for the dress so the materials won't be that much either unless it gets into bridal lace.

Friday, July 20, 2007

i'm really bad at keeping up with this thing

so.....now that i find i have 15 minutes to blow before doctor who comes on and i'm sitting here listening to the same flaming lips song for the past 2 hours, i suppose i'll blab on about something. lets see, in a moment of grace i broke my toe, and the next week i got my bike back together. consequently i found i now have a 24 1/2" waist. i decided to start making a corset. after lollapalooza i'm going to get the rest of my tattoo on my side done so that i won't get any more shit for it. i've been knitting like crazy and sewing a few things too, but mostly knitting. i just haven't gotten around to taking pics of everything. i hope to have my corset done by wednesday so i can wear it to that concert so that i won't have to constantly be going to second base with myself in front of poor gus. in a more realistic sense, i'd like to have it done by friday so that i can wear it on the weekend just to freak out my dad and get a good laugh from my uncle. one thing that i discovered today that really peeves me is urban outfitter's DIY looking shit they're selling. it looks like a 3rd grader put it together, an american 3rd grader. and they're selling sewing patterns too at $15 a pop when i know Joann fabrics sells that same brand at like $1 every so often. and they were shitty patterns too, but i'm free from that toil now.....and i finally got around to making a dress with pockets hidden in the side seams. i've just got to finish putting in the lining and put in a zipper and i'll be super cute. my hair's finally long enough to go in that bun thing i used to always do, so that's been stuck on the back of my head lately, except now i have bangs which i never used to do. and i'm covered in freckles and doctor who is on!