Friday, July 20, 2007

i'm really bad at keeping up with this thing that i find i have 15 minutes to blow before doctor who comes on and i'm sitting here listening to the same flaming lips song for the past 2 hours, i suppose i'll blab on about something. lets see, in a moment of grace i broke my toe, and the next week i got my bike back together. consequently i found i now have a 24 1/2" waist. i decided to start making a corset. after lollapalooza i'm going to get the rest of my tattoo on my side done so that i won't get any more shit for it. i've been knitting like crazy and sewing a few things too, but mostly knitting. i just haven't gotten around to taking pics of everything. i hope to have my corset done by wednesday so i can wear it to that concert so that i won't have to constantly be going to second base with myself in front of poor gus. in a more realistic sense, i'd like to have it done by friday so that i can wear it on the weekend just to freak out my dad and get a good laugh from my uncle. one thing that i discovered today that really peeves me is urban outfitter's DIY looking shit they're selling. it looks like a 3rd grader put it together, an american 3rd grader. and they're selling sewing patterns too at $15 a pop when i know Joann fabrics sells that same brand at like $1 every so often. and they were shitty patterns too, but i'm free from that toil now.....and i finally got around to making a dress with pockets hidden in the side seams. i've just got to finish putting in the lining and put in a zipper and i'll be super cute. my hair's finally long enough to go in that bun thing i used to always do, so that's been stuck on the back of my head lately, except now i have bangs which i never used to do. and i'm covered in freckles and doctor who is on!

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