Friday, November 09, 2007

shit shit shit!

ack! sunday is very quickly aproaching an i feel as if i've gotten nothing done! i blocked my skirt last night and now my apartment smells of wet dog. i think part of my problem is that i like to hand sew everything so that takes centuries worth of time. so i'm going out of my mind workin on this shit. oh and did i mention that i'm working 12 hours today? it really fucks up all my plans. i mean....that's a HUGE chunk of change but really....i wonder if i'll get paid overtime.....unlikely. so yeah, i'm not going to get much in the way of sleep tonight and i plan on pullin an all nighter saturday night.....

so wish me the best of luck and i'll prolly have the photos up here next week

also, we came to the conclusion yesterday that perhaps Bush isn't as stupid as he seems, he might just be dislexic and unable to read a teleprompter

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