Friday, July 04, 2008

done with the vespula collection

ugh, i'm finally done! this is my Vespula collection for Spring/Summer 09 couture. it is ALL HANDSEWN. everything. by hand. with one needle. one cone of thread. all of the materials were fabric and clothes that i owned already. it was definitely a very personal collection considering the time and devotion that i spent on it. i can look back and pick out the pieces of fabric and have stories about where it came from and what i was doing and so forth.

so what's next? i have to work on a jacket commission for a product design instructor that will be on display at Columbia's A+D gallery at 619 S wabash starting in august. After i get that done, i'm going to spend the rest of the summer putting together a small pre-fall collection, The Victorian Cosmonaut, which i'll hopefully take over to Habit in august and get some stuff sold.
I'll probably pick up some more dogwalking hours since the $$$ i'm making this weekend is enough for a new tattoo and my ticket to Lollapalooza. and if i can sell at Habit, then i'll really be making bank. I need to save some since i'm graduating in like 10 MONTHS. OOOOOH SCARY.
Oh so yeah all these photos will be bound into one of those iphoto books. considering i have like $70 to spend for it, i'll probably have like 5 printed and keep those in my portfolio. well....grad school here i come!

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