Friday, August 15, 2008

fall, where are you?!

i'm ready for fall. ready for that crisp air, the crunchy leaves (can't wait for wicker park to get even more adorable), the jewel tones, the excess of knitwear. i'm ready to not be sweating my ass off on my bike when i want to ride to the grocery store

so i came across the bastard love child of my two main interests. i'm not sure if i need to run out and buy some of it, be a c*cksucker and rip it off, or hop on my bike in jimmy choo's and ride off into the hills. first of all i'm neither a fan of bianchi or acne jeans (god could you pick a dummer name for your company? i understand its an acronymn but was hemroids or genital warts already taken?) but i'll be curious to see if the fashion or cycling world can come together under such terms. i was toying with the idea of doing a biking collection in the spring for that photo class, but i was going to go a different route, more inspiration coming from tour de france circa 70's.

well i've been busting my concussed ass into gear trying to throw together a whole wack o' shit for this competition on monday. i'm not exactly enthused by what i've done but i guess i'll have to take it. the bonk on the head set me back like 3 weeks on shit and now i'm really suffering from it. photos after the weekend when i'm done with it all.

and omg school starts in like 2 weeks. freakin out!

ooh ooh and i found a new fav store in wicker park. gamma player on division just west of damen is the shit. i haven't come across a store with such amazing designs. i picked up a dress there (yeah shouldn't have blown $100 on a jersey dress) that was just amazing in design. aparantly (and when i told chad about it he was like, oh it was made by people who aren't starving artists) they only make a few of each garment and never remake a run. so my dress is one of like 5 in the whole world. fuckin sweet because its a great dress. so check them out, the store isn't outlandishly pricey, it is expensive but they have stuff like hussien chalayon and crazy designers you've never heard of that are really innovative.

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