Monday, September 29, 2008


That's right, i turned 22 and it was fantastic. didn't get too drunk, gave myself a real nice present on friday, and then randomly got free tickets to a show yesterday at the metro. i had a great party, and oh yeah i now have a roommate. the hermitage household is gonna be some sitcom shenanigans as soon as we get all this crap organized.

well my neck and back are killing me right now so i'll be brief but go to here to check out my stuff on display. you can even buy somethin (PLEAZE I NEED MONEYS)! I'll be there this saturday so come stop by and heckle me as i try to wear seafoam. And on sunday i'll find out if i get accepted to the second stage of the chicago fashion foundation's anual scholarship. also hopefully by then i'll have my living arrangements better sorted out so i'm not having to go through a minefield of new and exciting stuff which i am trying not to snoop around in to get to my computer

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