Tuesday, May 19, 2009

yay i gots the learnin!

so.... I graduated

To be honest, its a strange feeling. I've ALWAYS been in school, like I am that classic overachiever who went to summer school every year. As in I haven't had a summer without summer school in a decade. And as I don't exactly have a job lined up right now.....I'm sorta lost without something to do. I mean its not like I will go the way of TAs before me and never sew again....its just that not having homework or a set schedule is sort of messing with me. I have been applying to jobs, but then again I did just graduate into the worst economy since the great depression.
To gradschool I will go!
But those applications aren't until January, and obviously I cannot leech, mooch, or golddig my way till then, I just wouldn't feel quite right in any of that. I am the workaholic one of course. I do have some things lined up which I am looking forward to. Al and I are making our line, which we are finally going to get around to, we're going to be at the Andersonville fest in a few weekends selling things, and then maybe doing the renegade craft fair in the fall, and Greg and I have pieces to do together, several photographers from my fashion styling class want to work with me over the summer, dennis and I are going to rebuild my portfolio full of illustration work that I had neglected while I was making over 10 garment bags filled to bursting in one year, there's several competitions coming up over the summer that hopefully will show some results, and John wants to work on pieces which I will admit is what I'm looking forward to the most. Not to say that everything else isn't interesting, I just need to completely immerse myself in work that will make my brain hurt and leave me sleepless, and everything else is a comfortable disconect from my physical habits. Oh and I'll be doing some dressing for shows over the summer, nothing paid but it can't hurt to show up, work hard, and wear a funny looking hat.

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