Friday, November 27, 2009

Please vote for me in the GenArt Plastics Make It Possible Competition!

Gen Art is holding a fashion design competition sponsored by the American Chemistry Council, called Plastics Make It Possible. All designs had to be constructed of synthetic materials and had to include 2 looks. The winner will receive $10,000 to make a small collection that will be shown during fashion week in NYC for fall/winter10. Designs are uploaded to the Genart Discover website and users rate and review the works, and the design with the highest score is the winner.

I am imploring you to please take just a few minutes out of your day to visit the site, check out my design, and give me a high rating. The more votes I get, the closer I can come to winning and showing my work to the world, so please after voting, pass this along to a few friends, family, etc to increase my chances. I usually don't like to ask for help like this because I don't want to be a pain to anyone, but this time I really am relying on all of you out there to help me!

here's the link to see all the photos of my entry, as well as where you can read my full description of the garments, and rate and review my work:

To be able to vote, you have to create a user account, which is free and they don't send you any spam as I've had an account for several months. It literally took me 60 seconds to get it, its super easy. You can always just delete it afterward if you don't want to keep it

Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping me out!!!!!

Additional thanks to the always lovely Jocelyn Farwell for modeling, and to Jullian Woods for the ever outstanding photography!

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