Thursday, March 06, 2008

finally a few pictures

so this is my broken hearted dress. its all a silk georgette that has a small bit of lycra to it, so i basically did away with the back zipper. as you can see, its super short. i started playing with some texture, just something that was not a princess seam dress. i hand dyed all the colors into it to make it look like an actual heart. i was just insensed the day i made it for various reasons that have....somewhat smoothed out, but i'm really proud of the dress. there's a jacket and a slip that go with it, but i'm displaying it in the columbia honors competition so not everyone was going to get it if i put all the components together. i doubt it'll win, but it'll be awesome just to have in a gallery out of the like 500 fashion design students
and this would be my sweater i made on the knitting machine. i made basically 10 yards of fabric and cut it into rectangles and then started pleating them like crazy (its really hard to see untill you get like 2 feet from it). nothing ends up being even and it looks a little sloppy but somehow really well put together. i'm in love with it, i think really because the sleeves sort of come out of the back waist, which is totally not how they were when i started out with just the 4 rectangles

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