Thursday, March 06, 2008

a total mindfuck

so my boss lynda invited me and chad to acompany the Contemporary Fashion class on a visit to the SAIC's study collection. we both agreed we were embarassed to say we were from columbia. the instant we got off the elevator we were greeted with a display case with about 10 manequins, the first i laid eyes on had the same weaving texture as my broken hearted dress i've been working on/leaving out for everyone to come up and stroke my ego. all the seniors were like, hey kelly its your dress, do you know that designer? i got really defensive but it was just me and chad who seemed genuinely interested in what we were seeing. the other students that were actually from the class seemed bored by it all. it blew my mind, some of the stuff i saw. the head of the collections really made me feel ashamed to even call myself a designer, i'm just a manufacturer. how i went back to school and made my knit top for my theory and practice class that i was going to just piece together some rectangles of fabric i made off the knitting machine, instead i spent about 5 hours hand stitching in curved pleats into this thing. it fits like a mother fucking glove its amazing. sarah pointed out that i've begun to usurp the dress forms and my designs have started breeding, but if i can't put it up in the display case that HAS NOTHING IN IT FOR THE PAST YEAR i might as well have it up in the biggest lab.

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