Thursday, April 17, 2008


so its 1:30am ...ish....and i have been working on teh shit for fashion columbia submissions since 7am yesterday and they are due at 8:30am tomorrow. freaking out?


but in my infinite dicking around and or procrastination and or ADD moment with some skittles (dude these things taste like shit at this hour), i have discovered that Simplicity makes Project Runway patterns. not the designers' works mind you. just liscensing bs.


also on that line of thought, ew to PR going to lifetime network. i'm glad i didn't audition because how lame would that be? i mean i have a total butch look goin on right now, like no one under 50 watches that channel. bravo finally got straight people to watch their channel and they really bombed on this one....

oh well, RIP project runway, we barely new yee

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