Sunday, April 13, 2008



that was my week, ending with 20 hours of halucinating.


also, why do tattoos, years old, itch? i feel like a crack addict sometimes randomnly itching....

sharon, the awesome, got me a hat block.

i've also gotten rid (well jsut pushed to the back of my closet) of all my skirts, dresses, and heels. yes yes i'll look like a dyke but at this point i've become completely apathetic as to the point of trying to get a guy or girl. the only one who loves me is my bike and we'll be together all summer. i told my boss that she'll know i've lost it when she finds me under one of the cutting tables groping a manequin and being jealous of another manequin in the next room a la I Am Legend.

yes, that's me in my prom dress.
thats right, pink pleather.

why they didn't see something was wrong with me then....

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