Sunday, December 14, 2008

oh god finally done!

oh holy crap, i finished the semester! and all my muslins fit perfectly. it was freakin great!
bear in mind that this is not my color scheme at all

Here's 3 of my 6 looks (i didn't have time to fit on the other outfits and dennis told me that my fit was fine enough that he was confident that it'd be fine) with the coats and jackets

this is my sweaterdress and leggings. you can't really see the seaming on the leggings but there's a double layer on the inside of the legs through the ass in the back (ideally i'll have enough fabric left over when its all said and done for riding in the spring[less than 100 days!])
this is my sweatervest with the leather skirt. there will be a long sleeved chiffon blouse that will go underneath it.

this is my top with leather pants. again you can't see the seaming but the top will be out of melton wool and chiffon and the pants will be black leather

here's lenny dickin around with another classmate's muslin. he also drunk dialed me asking about plain weaves last night at 5am. awesome

my boss gave me an xmas present (a freakin sweet candle that makes my room not smell like a dirty fixie and sweaty shoes) and the bottom of the bag was full of candy that i gave to fred.

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Cassiemarie said...

That sweaterdress is AMAZING!!!!
I hope you write up a pattern for it!
*hint* *hint*
Congrats on being done with your semester!