Wednesday, January 07, 2009


While I wouldn't say styling is my calling in life, its kinda fun. Its interesting to see another aspect of the whole industry, because without stylists, the public would never see those kooky photo spreads in the back of obscure fashion magazines from the UK. Lately, I've been doing some styling for UR Super Models and I finally got to see a few photos that we shot a while back. So go check out Fashion Chicago Magazine to see them. I helped out with the photo on page 12, as well as the ad on the last page. I'm slightly irked that they spelled my last name wrong, but that's ok, it happens sometimes. Certainly I've been guilty of mispronouncing names in the past. We shot again with the most amazing model this past weekend, and those photos will be up in the next issue of the magazine.

The shoot was in the The Fine Arts Building on Michigan Ave. I've heard stories about this place, mostly in my nerdy binges of Chicago history on WTTW 11, but I'd never been in there before. I...was....speechless. It was the most beautiful building I have ever seen. I've been to San Francisco, I've been to London, I've been to Paris, but this, omg I want a studio here. Give me a broom closet if you have to, I'll be giddy like none other. I wandered around for ages. Plus I got to shoot with like the best photographer in the city, Robert Beczarski. He's so fun to work with!

I've got some of the photos from my first shoot, but there's trouble with uploading the pics. So I'll try again later, since they're pretty cool.

And in other news, starting in February, I'll be selling my millinery work with the Andersonville Galleria with Nouvelle Atelier. The store is closing for a few weeks to expand their space (dude this place is huge, and equally amazing), but there'll prolly be a grand reopening around Valentines day (i can't believe that that's already coming up). I'm really excited, its a great group of people to work with. I was really hesitant about staying in Chicago after graduation, but I think that the combo of seeing my designs being sold in stores and biking a hacked fixed gear through the winter have really reminded me how much I love my home and that I should let it nuture me for at least one more year. Plus the quality of Chicago fashion week has exploded in the past 4 years, to the point where it went from a novelty when I was a freshman, to this past year where it had a full spread in WWD. The opportunities in this city just keep getting better and better.

I'm really optomistic about my carreer in the next year, my personal life on the other side seems to be one clumsy setback after another. At least I have my two best friends.

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