Friday, January 02, 2009

two weeks into the era of my brain turning to mush

yeah I have 4 more weeks till school starts back up. It also doesn't help that in order to try to keep my room warm, I covered up my window with fabric before Fred put up that shrink wrap stuff, so my brain doesn't recognize that its daytime, so my sleep schedule is waaaaaay off. I just don't do well without school or a job. Also it doesn't help that I was sick for christmas. that sucked too.

so, as far as new years resolutions are concerned, I didn't go with the whole, oh I want to loose a certain ammount of weight kind of thing. Well, sorta. Its been almost a year since I started riding a bike in the city, and I've pretty much changed my whole way of life around it. I feel a lot better than I did a year ago, both physically and mentally. Its brought me a lot of self confidence, and a lot of fun. So my new years resolution is to compete (well just complete) in the chicago triathlon at the end of august. That gives me 8 months to train, which is more than ample time. I'm not worried in the least bit. And its not like I sit on my ass all the time and not get any exercise whatsoever. I can already do the required 25 miles biking no problem, on a fixed gear bike no less. And swimming, I was on a swim team when i was younger and worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor as high school jobs, so that's just about getting my endurance back up, because I know I can already swim a mile, its just about cutting down the time. The running will be the hard part. I got thrown off a horse when I was 13 and seriously jacked up my left knee. Before that I had been running 3 miles a day at home, which is how I lost a bunch of weight when i was in grade school. I'm just going to have to keep a close watch on how I take care of my knee, but I think that since I'm going to do my training so gradually, I shouldn't have trouble building up the strength. And I'm actually in better shape than I thought I was. All the biking and walking with Fred built up some endurance. I was able to jog/walk almost 4 miles this morning in like 50 minutes. A year ago you couldn't have gotten me to run more than a block at a time and I held myself back when I ran for a half a mile today. I'm really happy about this. I'm almost tempted to do the bike section all on a fixed gear, but we'll see when it gets to be summer and I start doing the swimming training, and how wiped out I get after all of that. It could be an excuse to go get a 10 speed, I've been thinking that would be my next bike purchase, especially since I'm still determined to ride to Milwaukee. By graduation I'd like to be able to do a 6 mile run and 25 mile bike ride together.

Definitely my main reason for doing this is because I've basically been handed a genetic death sentence from my mother's side of the family. Like that list of family medical history that they ask you at the doctors, I just say yes to everything. Its really bad. And my dad's side isn't any better, but I look at the health of my mother and her mother in comparison to that of my dad and his dad, and I realize that I need to take care of myself now in order to not be knocking on death's door at 50. Fred got me cooking a lot of stuff, albeit I still suck at cooking, but its all veggies and healthy stuff. And that's a start. I stopped drinking soda and juice awhile ago, and I stay away from a lot of dairy, aside from a glass of keifer, which is crammed full of good stuff. And I look at my little brother, who, not that long ago, was a little stick twiggy kid, and now he looks like he's gonna bust out of his shirt at any moment. That's definitely an encouragement, that my genetics do support getting lean and healthy. So I'm not looking to loose any certain ammount of weight, or fit into a certain size of clothing, its more of just being able to be strong enough to do this physical challenge. Seriously a year ago, the thought of riding a bike on the city streets, especially one of those awful hipster things, 20 miles, would have been pure fantasy, and yet I did it effortlessly the other day. So yeah, I'm lookin forward to it. I just gotta get money together now for the entry fee, a wet suit, those shoes that triathletes use, maybe a 10 speed bike, a summer bike jersey and shorts....

And as far as fashion stuff is concerned, although I feel like the past 2 weeks have been spent doing like nothing, I'm going to be sold (hopefully) in two boutiques in the Chicago area. One's up in andersonville and I've got an interview about that this weekend, and the other one is for sure in Pilsen and will be opening up in February. So when I find out more about both of those, I'll be sure to be jumping up and down about it. And I have a photoshoot hopefully a week from now for my grad application to the Royal College of Art (not like i'll get in, but its kicking my ass to do shit) so I'll have those photos in a few weeks.
and here's the dumbest cat on earth. she likes to chew electrical wires

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