Monday, October 19, 2009

better words than I haven't

So in addition to my sorta kinda full time now turned holy crap more over time than i can shake a fist at job as a seamstress in lakeview, a commute that's seen me drop weight like ......i can't really think of any non-offensive euphemism at this hour, but in addition to that job, i've been working for the YingYing Yang ltd on the side. Alstaire of Veil got me into it (also go check out their stuff, it just went up in the window of Gamma Player over on Division st tonight. i grovel at the knees of the mannequins of such amazing work, plus Al is my absolute kindred spirit of design, love ya!) back when I graduated simply because I was bored out of my mind and loosing my drive for a bit. Ying is great and she's trying to get a design collective going, and its truely a challenge for me to get out of my target market mindset and get into the "seven to seven" state of mind as she calls it. Basically apparel for the professional woman who knows what she likes. Not what I typically think of as a customer, but I enjoy working around those things, keeps me from getting in a rut or anything.

We're rampin up things to get ready for spring 2010 production, so get ready to hear more and more about this whole project. But in the mean time, the website got updated with designer profiles, and I must say that of all the designer profiles and whatnot I've had to write about myself, or have been slapped together by unfamiliar ears, this has got to be the best one so far. I'm exceedingly flattered that someone could sum up my skills better than I could possibly ask for.

I'd say that's it for now, but as I'm a visual learner and text is....boring to be honest, here's a pic of me from the jettision quarterly shoot....which makes me look fat as hell compared to the giraffe i'm standing next to.....oh fixed gear you only made me more muscular and not stick skinny as i foolishly had hoped 2 years ago....

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