Monday, February 04, 2008

a good excuse to call an ex....

so i must regretfully inform all of those out there who cared that, i did not get accepted to central saint martins. a year ago i would have been utterly crushed, but now i'm just gonna suck it up and finish my degree at columbia. I will reapply next spring to grad school there. which now means that i can avoid talking to my dad about wasting 3 years in chicago. oh chicago, i must deal with thee for 18 more months now. its...alright. I suppose as a consolation prize i have a huge portfolio thanks to the photography skillz of zoe. and as my mother pointed out, there really aren't any other juniors in the school with a reputation like mine. so the plan is to keep on truckin through senior thesis and graduate in spring 09, and then try to get out of chicago. BECAUSE I WILL NOT WORK AT WHOLE FOODS WHEN I GRADUATE. that's a scary thought, graduation.....senior thesis is a scary thought too, now that i think about it. and as much as i was applying to run away from all my troubles, my severely intoxicated friend told me to shut the f**k up about all of it and just call him. so that will be my evening tonight, even if its just a friendly phone call, i've shut him out far too long. and i need some intelligent converstation that pertains to something outside of fashion design, because i do not want to talk about the draping qualities of silk charmuse any more!

so for anyone who had well wishes for my application, i thank you. wish me luck getting out of here next year. as lynda has said, i either have to leave the country or move to LA to work with knitwear. and i don't really see myself as a california girl. but i will get my senior thesis fabrics from there. ugh and i have to get a graduation audit from bob blynn now. damn

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