Saturday, February 09, 2008

in soviet russia, clothes wear you

so as much as i don't like to buy clothes, vintage and thrift store stuff is an exception. or hats. erin, john and i went up to the belmont stop, and if you're thinking what i'm thinking pinky, fuck yeah! that had me floating a good 3 inches off the ground all day. when john and i got off the brown line, i didn't recognize the area of weird crappy stores, sex toy shops with shady clinetelle, and random goth-opotomus that i had known since i first started columbia. instead of the blue light special courtsey of the CPD, i was greated with a jamba juice and a potbelly's in a trendy new apartment complex. families walked down the street with kids, the bars looked like upstanding establishments. i think the last time i went there was to get my last tatoo, and that would have been a year ago. nevertheless, erin and i went shopping on a fashion design student's budget after john couldn't find his credit card and went back to the city to find it (i couldn't find it in my apartment despite the logic that it would have fallen out of his pocket last night ;) . ) and we made out like kings. we went to the new belmont army surplus, having not been in it since it got torn down to make way for the new belmont platform. we tried on a miriad of military hats, with erin settling on buying a compass built onto a watch. i found a military uniform belt from the USSR with a big soviet star and hammer and sicle on it. i then also found a Soviet woman's military uniform. its robin egg blue and made out of a synthetic knit, but its just fascinating the way its put together. it looks great with the belt. its totally cut for someone with a figure like mine, rather than super skinny. then we went over to hollywood mirror and tried on like 8 million hats. its funny how i ignored vintage hats for so long. this one's felt in a sort of pumpkin color with a thick band of pheasant feathers around the browband of it. its got the little combs to hold it in my hair and, this was my fav, its from old school marshall fields and company. now i have 2 hats from marshall fields. i'm still hopin macy's dies and goes to hell and marshall fields can come back to its former glory.

so i'm feelin good with all of that, especially now that i think things are better between me and john. i showed him the muslin i was making as a representation in fabric of goya's the dog
and he couldn't offer any improvement, which really was a fair bit of praise. i'm really excited to make it. i wanted to get fabric this weekend, but then my friday night plans changed quite a bit and its too damn cold to go tomorrow. maybe i'll go before i have to go to work on monday and snag some stuff at fishman's and vogue.

i also think i've lost a few pounds lately. prolly because my diet is composed of tea, fruit, and cigarettes. feels good though. i just in general feel really great, considering i got my ass handed to me on several levels at the beginning of the week . i truely feel that this semester will be the best ever!

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Kirstin said...

Your post title reminds me of a story one of my Cuban friends told me. He was walking down Mag Mile with a friend. When they walked past Diesel, his friend said in utter disgust, "I can't believe people pay for that. It looks just like the awful clothes we used to get in barrels from Russia".