Tuesday, February 05, 2008

things sort of pick up occasionally, only to get bitched out by a stout british woman

soo.....i didn't call my ex, but had a lengthy conversation during my lunch break between classes with him of cabbage and kings. that left me feelin pretty good as things were on the awkward side for a.....well hell actually since october i'd say when i first started avoiding him. and then i had millenery (don't fucking ask me to spell that [on a side note, erin and i agreed that in some point in conversation i have to use the phrase "lets get to the dickin" and my phone has decided that instead of spelling "fuckin" it will now say "dickin"]) in which we commenced the making of the hats. now i know how to knit a hat, but the tackling of that form with the lines of a cut fabric and how to take on the form in pieces rather than out of a sculptural form. it would be like making a mosaic on a curving surface rather than a clay sculpture. i wracked my mind for a bit with the usual hesitation and anticipation i have when taking on a new topic but then jumped in with the ensuing fervor. our first project was hats constructed only from fabric so i'm making as i would like to call it, the 1 point perspective surrealist berret. you'll see

so, after discovering the cigarettes in my case from my grandfather were stale (never a good thing when you're stressed) i paced nervously in 711 and then got my ass handed to me over the work i'd done for the CFDA scholarship. oh and chad ditched me and erin when we were supposed to go have a beer. just one nice big cold beer, maybe a goose island 312 would be great. maybe i can be all sly and get my ex to come with and then get him drunk enough to come home with me.....if only. nah its just been a long week already. i kind of like that my classes are spaced out by 3 days so i'm still at school every day but i have a good chunk of time between to get work done. i mean its not like i'm doing a whole load of work being a TA...except that damn monday class. its like going on a two hour jog.

i think i'm going to go drape an acid green turban.

ok sorry i have the tv on in the background and its the pbs channel out of milwaukee channel 20 and there's this dude who talks about astronomy and he's soooo creepy. the production is so bad. its called "stargazer" and its produced by the miami museum of astronomy.

this is the creepy guy

ok back to the hats and hoping i can talk to him more tomorrow....he made talk of needing something draped and gave me the suggestive eyebrow with talk of making a facial sculpture. that's promising, not that i want a gigantic maze of copper wire that i put in my mouth....

whatever, on to hats!

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