Wednesday, May 07, 2008

in the fears of thunderstorms, if not just the rain

well i got this finished after dicking around with it for a week. as usual, it ended up completely different from my original sketch, which slightly concerns me for the collection i plan on doing during the summer because these things tend to get away from me and get overly complicated. and that collection is already complicated and complex. but as for this dress, its completely handsewn. no machine so much as batted an eye at any of this fabric. the green is wool jersey and the black is a little bit of that organic bamboo jersey that i'm in love with that i had leftover from making leggings. the dress has 4 completely different views. its something along the lines of showing someone your best side, depending on the wearer or the mood of the person, a different side could highlight different aspects of a physique or personality. the front is fairly plain and simple, the side with the ruffles can be pulled up to hide the face, the back is a conflict of interests, and the other side is a long cape like extension that opens up and trails behind the body with movement.

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