Tuesday, June 10, 2008

finally found something to connect my camera!

so.....whats up with me....uh......


oh fuck somebody just set off a fucking firework and it scared me out of my chair!

ok, but back to that, but i'm dancin around since i'm one of 5 people in chicago who got into the senior design competition. but i have to wait till like the week before thanksgiving to find out if i win anything. bastards, not really, but i don't want to wait 6 months.

uh....so....photos, its my red dress at fashion columbia, followed by me and my leather coat on display (not me) at Lumen out in the Fulton market, then the leather coat on the model at fashion columbia, and then my pic of me dickin around with my camera.

so....well dog walking is going well, along with all the biking. i'm pretty sure i've lost like 5 pounds already. i rode 120 miles last week, i'm already at like 60 miles in 3 days. i rode from school (south loop) all the way to humbolt park DURING RUSH HOUR in 30 minutes. it was definitely a test of my mental determination. i have a really awful sunburn, just in goofyness scale.

so....well i'm already into the third week of summer school classes. my photo class is really boring, my math class hasn't started since the bookstore fucked up and the book just came in today, and the leather class is cool. i have my whole senior thesis planned out. i've got shit together for once. my medical problems aren't resolved yet and it does kinda worry me, but then at the same time i just ignore it. not the brightest but whatever. i just keep riding that damn bike

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